Guest Posting

Guest Posting can be great, as it will help you to gain more exposure and promote your work.

I’d be more than happy to consider you for a guest post on this blog.  My guidelines are simple:

  1. Post about something relevant to handmade, jewelry making, DIY, etc.
  2. Keep it professional. No use of profanity, or writing about other artists that could be damaging or humiliating to them. In other words, no “bullying”.
  3. Keep it positive.  Stay upbeat and give readers a reason to want to visit your shop and follow you on social media.
  4. You can include photos/details/info about your products, but please refrain from making it a shameless self-promotion post that appears to be more like an advertisement.

Guest Posts will always include:

  • Links to your shop;
  • links to your social media platforms;
  • images you provide for the guest post (optional).


There is never a fee for guest posting.

Grammatical Errors

If there are grammatical errors in your post, I will make the appropriate and necessary corrections.  However, I will not edit your post in any other way.

Link Testing

To ensure the safety of our readers, links you provide for your post will be tested before the guest post is published. If the links contain malware, viruses and so on, your guest post will be denied.

Submit Your Guest Post Here:

Simply complete and submit the form below.  Email images you would like to have included in you post to me via email here.  I will respond as soon as possible with the status of your guest post submission.

Please allow 3-5 days for a decision to be made about your guest post.  You will be contacted to advise your post has been accepted or rejected, or if I need additional information prior to posting.