A Million Cats Take Over San Francisco!!!


1 Mile…1 million cats….1 unique you!

19748674_1410173592364253_1766671429065547074_n​The very lovely Miss Lexi Shimmers would like you to help raise awareness about suicides and hate crimes that take place each and every day…locally, nationwide and around the globe…we can work together to try and prevent such tragedies…..all while having a fabulous time during her “A Million Cats March” event taking place on August 12, 2017 starting at 3:30 in the afternoon.

The event is a one-mile walk, which will start outside of the San Francisco LGBT Center and end at Edge Bar.   Find out more on the Million Cats March website, or visit the Eventbrite Registration Page.  There are four levels of registration, each of which comes with its own set of perks for registrants!

So put on those cat ears, paws and tails and join us for the Million Cat March!  Tell your story through creating a sign!  Let the world know your presence regardless of Gentrification, Discrimination and Hatred.

Let’s show our support so that those who may be hiding their depression and sadness will come forth and know they are not alone.  There are countless stories about Gay Youth Suicides, Teenage Transgender Suicide Stories, Suicides Caused by Racial and Ethnic Bullying, and even the Suicide Stories of Well-Known Celebrities.  These are all very good reasons to take this journey.


The event will also serve as a conduit to a dream for Lexi with much hope for an even greater journey that lies ahead.  Part of this is will be her application with the San Francisco Grand Ducal Council to begin her pre-campaign proceedings to become the next Aspirant.

This is the season of “The King of the Jungle Leo”!  A celebration of cats and all domesticated creatures and those that are free to be wild!  May we embody the same spirit and raw personality of animals!


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